About Hong Kong Egglet Get to Know Us

Hong Kong Egglet is a chain of food establishments selling egglet (“gai daan zai”), one of the most popular street snacks in Hongkong.

The egglet literally means mini chicken eggs, as what the appearance suggests.  It is made from a batter comprising mainly egg, sugar, flour and evaporated milk.  Hong Kong Egglet uses a traditional secret recipe that it obtained from a well established egglet vendor in Hongkong.

In addition to the traditional egglet brimming with nostalgic flavour and taste, Hong Kong Egglet has taken a creative and innovative approach to the preparation of the humble egglet. They use fresh and healthier ingredients to prepare interesting variations of the traditional egglet which are more delicious and healthier options and more appealing to the local consumers.

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Due to the growing popularity of the egglet, there are now 6 Hong Kong Egglet outlets throughout Singapore

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